Sunday, November 11, 2012



Today was Remembrance Day and for the first time in 13 years I went to a Remembrance Day service. Apparently D and his brother have NEVER been before. I use to go every year because I was part of the Girl Guides organization from grade one to twelve which took part in the local parade and service every Remembrance Day.

Moving to Winnipeg I seemed to have losted the drive to attend, and when I joined back up with Girl Guides as a leader 2 years ago I figured I would take part again every year but for some reason our district doesn't make a huge deal out of it and only a few units go to local legions to take part in services. I have yet to take my Sparks unit as I wasn't really sure what to do. I wanted to this year but I put the planning off to long and didn't think I had enough time to get anyone to show up but I decided enough was enough and I would go myself (with D and his brother) to check out a service and figure out what I would do with my unit next year.

The service was nice but I wish they could be a little more engaging. I realize its not suppose to be about entertainment. The purpose is to remember and recongnize what other have and are giving up for us as a nation to continue to enjoy the freedoms we do. I just feel that if the timing of different readings, marchs and laying of wreaths were smoother and at least ONE of the speechs wasn't monotone people would be more drawn into. I hate to think of people saying 'well that was boring' or 'why do we go to this again'. You want to know that they are walking away going 'wow, I can't believe the sacrifices some have given over the years'.

I was also disappointed in the appearances of the Girl Guides and Scouts. I remember when I was younger having our uniforms be a specific way, clean and sharply presented and wearing apropriate footwear. Now the uniforms are t-shirts which isn't bad on its own but there is not structure inforced for the rest of the girls and boys (and some adult leaders) apperances. Girls wearing Uggs and boys wearing huge winter boots indoors (we can't bring a change of footwear?!), clothing and hair sloppy. It looks worse when the are marching behind the military branchs and cadets that are dressed in full uniform. I just don't understand what has happened to our organization. Its not just now that I've noticed either. Last year during our advancement ceremony the Pathfinders in attendance took multiple tries to complete their opening ceremony (and this is at the end of the year after many meetings of practice) and they thought it was funny!

I understand that we don't want to be so strict that we push members away from the organization but why have we lost the importance of ceremony and structure. Do kids today no longer understand when to be serious or are the adults to affaird to teach them in fear of being labeled too strict?


  1. I am torn on the uniform. Yesterday was the first time I wore black instead of navy pants and I was feeling so guilty. I get there and most of the leaders are wearing jeans and the older girls did not hive full uniform. Our girls did but were hidden under winter suits. I like our girls to be presentable but I am not sure I care for the strict apparel rules. For a few reasons;
    1. Guides has evolved over the years, girls don't join because they want to be a cadet, so to keep their interest we have to keep it relevant.
    2. Girls come from split families and notes never seem to make it to the right person, hence the messy hair, usually one parent rushing them to an event they didn't know was in occurrence.
    3. As a Guideri don't always wear my uniform, how can I expect them? I don't take myself too seriously, how can I expect them too?

    Don't get me wrong it has changed. But kids have changed. So do we stick to our guns or try to stay a step ahead of them and keep them involved?

  2. All good points and I'm actually very leniant when it comes to the uniforms at regular meetings. A good part of my unit comes in normal pink shirts, not uniform shirts, or completely their own street clothes that have nothing to do with girl guides.

    My issue is when we are in public or in ceremonies. We should still enforce a specific standard that has us looking uniform in dress and appearance. Specifically enrollment, advancement, Remembrance Day ceremonies and public events like cookie day at Sears or a public outreach event.

    I don't think dressing appropriately, or AT THE VERY LEAST hair combed and clothes on properly (not sloppy) isn't a lot to ask. Should we be instilling good hygenie and care about ones appearance?

  3. I think for the formal events the uniform should be enforced. I remember retying our damn scarves 100 times before getting it right but we looked sharp and more importantly we looked like we respected the event we were attending.