Thursday, November 3, 2011

Limbo - an update

I realize I kind of left things hang with the last post a month ago, mainly because there has been no major changes. I feel like I'm in limbo, let me elaborate...

I got into the ultra sound appointment two days after my follow up appointment with my doctor as he put through the order as an 'emergency' a second time. I felt weird having it termed an emergency since nothing was really happening but it made it happen so I guess I should just let that go.

Ultra sound confirmed that the miscarriage was pretty much complete but since she was just a tech (really nice though!) she didn't know anything about me getting the shot for the RH. This was a Friday so I couldn't really call my doctor. I decided to do what any modern girl would do...I Googled what happens if you have a RH+ miscarriage and don't get the shot. Needless to say I confused myself with the limited data on line and slightly freaked myself out. There really isn't a lot out there on the 'what ifs' of miscarriage and most of the information I could find was just on GETTING the shot to prevent RH sensitivity.

So I stopped looking as I knew I would convince myself that I would never get pregnant again if I carried on!

Tuesday I got home to a voicemail from a OB-GYN's office wanting to book an appointment - I guess my doctor's office finally got around to that as well. Wednesday I got a hold of them and ran over to get even more blood work done (FUN!) and Thursday I met with a wonderful OB-GYN. She said that there was no need to proceed with a D&C and I should have no trouble getting pregnant soon enough. Before she finished I asked 'But what about the fact that I'm RH-?!' Apparently she thought that I had already gotten the shot...ummm No....Good news was that you apparently have a month after a miscarriage/birth/etc to administer the shot and it be effective and I was only 3 weeks at this point. Bad news...I was leaving that night for The Pas for Thanksgiving Weekend!! So after a stressful afternoon of what ifs and where will I go my OB got me into her hospital's maternity ward so I didn't have to wait in an emergency room for 8 hours! It still meant that we didn't leave the Winnipeg until 9:30pm and got into my parents at 3am but at least I got the shot and could stop worrying.

On October 17th, D got in to see his doctor and have his blood type tested and a week later (yup it took that frickin' long!) we got that news that he's A-! Negative!! He has the same blood type as me and all of this stress was for NOTHING!

I would really suggest that if you are trying to get pregnant to get both of your blood types BEFORE you actually conceive and save yourself this stress.

So now that I don't have to worry about conceiving a RH+ baby I can focus on getting pregnant weeks after the miscarriage I have YET to get me period! And yes I've taken multiple pregnancy tests just in case we were really THAT fertile, all have come back as negative.

Which brings us back to the LIMBO stage I feel I'm in right now. I depend on my period to help pin point when I ovulate and tell me when I'm not pregnant. Not having it is frustrating! I know that its ONLY 7 weeks and since I didn't have a D&C its normal for my body to take awhile to get back on schedule, I just wish I didn't feel so out of the loop.

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