Friday, September 30, 2011


So I had a doctor appointment yesterday. It originally was booked as my prenatal and pap exam but when that no longer was necessary it turned into a followup appointment.

He had sent in a request for an ultrasound appointment for me at my last appointment, 2 weeks ago, and I hadn't heard from anyone to set this up but since I had been bleeding for the last 2 weeks like I was having the worst period of my life (granted still not a lot of pain or discomfort) I had assumed that it was a sure thing a miscarriage had happened and not being a doctor but loving my google searches had decided it was a full miscarriage so it didn't really bother me not to have them do the ultrasound.

Apparently, I still need the ultrasound just in case it wasn't much for self diagnoses. He sent in a second request yesterday and marked it urgent. They actually called me this morning and I'm going in this afternoon.

Secondly, we had a nice discussion on the fact that I am in fact RH-, something that I vaguely remembered but wasn't positive on until now. Why is this important? Well now that I've had a miscarriage (would have happened after I gave birth the first time too) my body has potentially built up antibodies to destroy RH+ bodies. The reason I say potentially is because I currently have NO IDEA what D's blood type is and neither does he. I have donated blood before and if necessary I could have called up the blood bank for my blood type at any point, D has never donated. I thought his mother would know....she doesn't. So he called his doctor yesterday and can't get into a lab without a request from a doctor and he can't get into his doctors until October 17th!

Why is this a big deal to me? Because if D is RH+ I will require injections of Rh immunoglobulin (RhIg), a blood product given to help me by "minimizing my reaction to the Rh positive red cells". No big deal about the injections, as they aren't suppose to cause me any problems but if I get pregnant before getting the injections I have no how my body will react and I have the potential of having another miscarriage immediately after my first one.

I realize that I may not even be ovulating yet but the idea that I could be and not knowing if D is RH+ is not making me want to have sex anytime soon. Which ALSO pisses me off because now I'm having to postpone trying to conceive until mid October or November is I don't get the results and then injection (if necessary) soon enough.

I'm planning to try and impart a sense of urgency onto D about this and see if he can go to a walk in or something for the body test sooner.

I'm also crossing my fingers that he's RH- and then this won't even be an issue!!!!

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