Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm the 10%...consistantly...

I haven't written about my trials with trying to conceive recently, mainly because nothing has really changed and also because I have decided not to freak out about all of this anymore...at least for the time being.

Today I had a follow up appointment with my OB-GYN about the provera prescription I took back at the beginning of January. To bring you up to speed I did NOT get my period in February, it showed up mid March and then 45 days later....FORTY-FREAKIN-FIVE days later I got my most recent period.

I haven't really obsessed over this as I am just happy my body is menstruating again and figured I needed to give it time. Today I am told that that I most likely have polycystic ovary syndrome which is apparently common in women...10%....just like miscarriages are 'common', 1 in 10 women....love that I'm so normal.

Its not really the end of the world and doesn't mean that I'm infertile, just that I don't ovulate regularly...it also means that I get fat easily, have acne and hair growth...basically all the beautiful things that have been happening since I went of the pill last year.


So now I have to start eating a diet that is similar to a diabetic diet, read "low on the carbs", and exercise more as obesity makes irregular ovulation worse. I also was given a prescription to help manage my insulin sensitivity (one of the reasons I am gaining the weight).

She also is putting in a request for me to have a fertility consult as it is apparently a six month wait, in case I'm still not pregnant by then, that way I don't have to wait another 6 months once I actually WANT to see a specialist.

So here's hoping I maintain my relaxed opinion and don't turn crazy 'trying-to-conceive' woman again!

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