Thursday, December 1, 2011

A busy month

November flew by, mainly because D and I were busy finalizing everything for our move. We managed to find, what we hope is, a good tenant for our existing home, who will be moving in December 15th and since we've gotten the keys on the 21st we have been slowly moving our stuff over. D, with the help of father, brother & friend, hung the drywall last weekend because the exposed plastic would have spelt TROUBLE with our three cats...picture tiny claw punctures everywhere. We are moving the furniture in this weekend so Saturday will be our first night at the new place!

We also took a trip down to Minneapolis with our friends, while the guys flew from there to NJ to see their favorite band, the girls stayed behind to shop and shop I did. I love Ikea. I picked up some organization stuff for the kitchen and even bought a ton of plush toys even though I have no idea who I'm giving them to. I may just keep them for myself!

 {Two of the eight...that's right I went overboard...that I picked up at ikea! Cute, right?}

While all of this was going on I managed to waste a ton of money on weekly pregnancy tests because yes...still no period. All of them came back negative but I kept 'What If'ing because I felt bloated, not to mention the exaggerated symptoms my over analysing created. I finally decided to go see a Naturopath doctor mid November and he suggested that I start taking supplements for sensitive stomach. He also took blood work for testing food allergies which I will go back to see him about in a few weeks. Of course AFTER I met with him I read online that progesterone is the cause of the bloating in pregnancy and that is also what my family doctor told me is probably the cause of me NOT menstruating body has too much progesterone and until it drops I can't build up the estrogen and ovulate. Fan-fricken-tastic! If I'm still sans period in December, he said he'll be putting me on the pill to force the hormones to balance again. I'm not that keen on the idea of wasting another month, but what are my options?

I love having NO control over this stuff.

I stopped wasting my money on pregnancy test mid November, after my followup visit with my family doctor. About a week after the Naturopath visit, and me starting to take the sensitive stomach supplements my bloating has reduced, which now has me over analysing and wondering if that means my hormones are balancing out or if I just needed those bloody supplements because the enzymes in my stomach can't digest my food properly.

This week I had the brilliant idea of purchasing a basal body thermometer in hopes of catching my body in the ovulating act, per say. Tuesday and Wednesday read 97 F and this morning I was greeted with 97.3...with absolutely no data to back this up I automatically start assuming that I am NOW ovulating and I better make sure D and I getting down to business tonight. Yup I'm slowly draining the romance out of lovemaking. Granted I don't plan on telling D that is why he's getting lucky. Hell with the move and the fact that he's a worrier I don't even know if he will get lucky tonight! Welcome to my life...I yes I realize I'm possibly sharing too much but I'm all about the honesty.

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  1. I laughed out loud on my conference call this AM as I read that last paragraph.

    My mom is on all sorts of digestive enzymes, I'll ask her what she takes.