Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Goals, Challenges and Lists

A few years ago I created a 30 things before I'm 30 list that encompassed goals and wishes that I had for myself like getting married, completing university, getting out of debt, travel, and weight loss to name a few. I then would check back on the list every year and update my status on each item on it. In the four years I think I actually did quite well and with my 30th birthday only four months away I have been considering writing a Life List like my friend Erica has done, inspired by Mighty Girl.

Currently I'm contemplating what is really important to me and what is actually something that is appropriate to put on it, as in - "Do I have control over it?" (Saying "Get pregnant by X years" isn't a fair goal when I can't control how that pans out, I can only try...) or "Is it too soon?" (Can I really start writing goals for myself that involve being a parent when I'm not actually pregnant? Is that kinda jumping the gun?!....Don't get me wrong those goals are already listed in my head, I just think that saying it out loud or posting it to a blog may being crossing a line, then again I had a blog dedicated to my wedding years before I was engaged so "Hello Pot, I'm Kettle"...).

One goal that I've struggled with in the last 10 years, or probably more accurately since I hit puberty, is my weight and corresponding body image. I use to say that I want to be 135 lbs and then I came to realize that it wasn't the number so much as how I felt about myself and looked in my clothes. I fluctuated between 150-170 for 5 years now and shortly before my wedding I stopped going to my morning personal training sessions (the company I work for owns a performance gym that trains professionals and as staff I attend for free) because of stress and limited time while planning. I meant to go back after the wedding but then when I got pregnant so quickly I worried that the intense workouts wouldn't be good for me so I decided to do aqua fit and walk instead. And then when that ended as quickly as it started I have been in a weird limbo stage. At first I didn't want to start only to have to quit as soon as I got pregnant again, assuming that it would happen quickly as well but as we are seeing now, 'quickly' seems to be out of the question for me know and I need to focus on other things or I will start driving myself insane with the "maybe it'll happen today" obsessions. So not going to the gym is now marked up to laziness. No other excuses left. I haven't found the motivation to crawl out of bed earlier then I absolutely have to so I can't make it to the gym.

This needs to change. I am reinstating my goal of living healthy and attaining my ideal body weight.

Below is the vision board I created a few years ago to motivate me to reach my goals. I've checked off three that I feel I've accomplished and circled four that I want to focus on for the new year/immediate future. The other three I feel are more appropriate for a my life list of things I one day would like. (Sustainable home would be a retirement thing since we JUST purchased a new home)

So I think my current goals are:
  1. Create an organized, uncluttered life at home and work.
  2. Live a healthy life (clean eating + exercise = reaching my ideal body image)
  3. Invest in time at home doing projects like sewing, starting my own garden and other hobbies.
First up for tackling these goals:  Waking up 2 hrs earlier then I currently do.

I honestly believe that if I wasn't so rushed in the morning I would accomplish a lot more and would be healthier and happier. This would mean I could do yoga first thing in the morning, eat breakfast with D and make sure I always leave for work with my lunch packed and in my hand. I will also no longer be LATE for work.

Here's to step one in attaining my goals!

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