Thursday, January 19, 2012

Breaking my goals into Categories.

I'm still working on articulating my monthly resolutions/goals. Currently I have been keeping a mental tally of what I want to achieve but haven't gotten to the details of the what and when I expect to achieve them.

Categories that I think are important to me achieving the balance and contentment, IE happiness, that I want are:
  1. Organization
  2. Health
  3. Finances
  4. Relationships
  5. Personal Development - "Me Time"
  6. Motivation
I think I have written enough about my desire to be more organized and healthy (both diet & exercise) that those are pretty obvious. Although I am now debt free, finances aren't as huge as an issue that they once were but with our plans of starting a family quite soon and my salary taking a nice cut because of mat leave and potentially only going back part-time in the future, I want to keep it well managed so that I don't fall into the debt trap again.

In the Happiness Project she breaks her relationship into friends, family and marriage subcategories but I feel that a category for all of my relationships is currently sufficient. I may need to revisit this in the future though. This category is really important to me though as 2011 was the year that two long time close friendships ended on me. One was a little more abrupt then the other, which had been slowly eroding for a few years because of the physical distance between us, but I wasn't happy about either of them, many because I didn't really feel like I had a say in the end of either. People talk about how 'breaking up' is hard to do in relation to your significant other, but they rarely talk about the break-up with a best friend (I know because I've googled it many a times for advice). As far as I'm concerned it is just as hard, if not worse sometimes. I suppose one of my biggest concerns is that it will happen to me again. I'm not naive to assume that I will be friends forever with everyone I know but I don't want to go from "best friends" to NOTHING again, if I can help it. So I want to focus on building strong, healthy relationships with the friends I have now, as well as with my husband and family. A big part of which is open and honest communication. I'm not sure what my actual resolutions/goals will be but this is the direction I'm going in.

As for the "Me Time" I want to make it a priority to grow as an individual. I tend to take on a lot of projects, whether its a work, with friends or extra curricular that I overload myself and forget about spending quality time by myself. By making it a priority I think it will help me attain the balance I'm looking for.

My last category is Motivation and for me I think its key to keeping all the other categories going. Like a lot of people I have great ideas and start things with a bang but quickly I loose direction and/or will power and I stop. I want to resolve to do at least one thing a month that will help me stay motivated and on task with everything, like reading the book the Happiness Project. I was thinking of getting a group of women together for a book club of sorts where we all ready books that are inspiring and then met to talk about them and also hold each other accountable for resolutions/goals we've made. I am just not sure who would be interested in it and how to approach people about it. I'm still working that out.

So what about you? Are any of these categories relevant to you? Any ideas of what I should be doing?

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  1. Oh dear - do you have any idea how many times I've wanted to start a book club/women's club?? I'm trying to work out a plan, too. Haha, the things we would get done if we were in the same city!