Monday, January 16, 2012

Resolutions through out the year and onwards

I know that not everyone believes in setting New Year resolutions but I love making lists and goals. For the last few years I've been reviewing my goals on my birthday, which I had based around me turning 30. Now that that birthday is arriving in two months I have been think a lot about how I wanted to structure my goals going forward and what is important to me.

What I have come up with brings me back to my "Greater Purpose Statement" that wrote about in my other blog, "Acting without regard for others perception of me, I voice my true opinion & chose to create a life of balance and contentment". More specifically the point of creating a life of BALANCE AND CONTENTMENT.

It was then that I remembered that I had heard a review about the book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin which seems to encompass where I'm trying to go with setting goals and making changes to a better life. I like the idea that it was an "Eat, Pray, Love" for people that don't have the ability to drop everything and travel the world to find their selves, nor is it only speaking to the people that have come to an identity/midlife/quarter life crisis but for someone that has a pretty good life as it is but realizes it could be BETTER.

So I bought the book just before new year's eve with the idea that I would read it before January 1st and set my goals down for the year. Well I'm reading it but the deadline was probably a little tight!

She idea seems to be to split her resolutions into monthly time lines, rather than a year long, which I like as I find that when it is an entire year I either get really ambitious and put down a lot of things that I will never accomplish or I forget about them. In her book she breaks her months into categories like Energize, Family, Friends, Finances, etc. What I want to do is take at least one resolution from each category that I want to work on and add accomplish it/work on it in that month.

For example;
Category - Organization, Month 1 resolution - de-clutter my workspace & implement a system to prevent future clutter.

So stay tuned for my first month resolutions and the categories that I'm going to break things into in my attempt to have a more balanced and content life.

Did you set resolutions? Do they work for you? Is your life as happy as it could be? What does happy mean to you?

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