Friday, January 20, 2012

Planning...far in advance

Technically I started this blog for the purpose of switching over from my wedding planning and personal blogs to a 'mommy-to-be' blog that would grow with me. Since I'm not a 'mommy-to-be' right now I haven't posted much on that topic but that doesn't mean I haven't been planning away. For those that follow(ed) my wedding blog you know that I start planning long before things are a reality (pretty sure I was blogging about my future wedding at least two years before I was actually engaged).

Currently my planning/research on becoming a mother has been directed at Reusable Diapers. I decided a long time ago that this was the route that I wanted to take, one because I personally think they are more environmentally friendly (yes I have read the opinions of the amount of water used but I still believe its better then putting a ton of disposables into landfills each year), cost effective and just plain cute. Trying to figure out which brand to use is a little overwhelming though.

I know that I have a while to make up my mind but since my sister will be giving birth to her first child in June/July this year I want to try and figure it out before that because I fully intend of taking her infant size diapers from her as I will be at least 4 months behind her in delivery if I were to conceive this month. Since infant size will only last about 3-4 months (at the most) I figure this is cost effective for both of us. If she doesn't receive them as gifts we can split the cost.

As for the different brands that I have been reading up on I like the look of gDiapers which are a hybrid of a diaper that has a disposable liner that you can use or a cloth liner. I am 99% sure that one of my best friends used these for her son and I plan on asking her next weekend when I see her but I've read mixed reviews on them. One of the negatives being that they are on the higher cost end of reusable and some say they leak a lot.
{Aren't they adorable?! - gDiapers}

Well reading comments about the gDiapers, GroVia came up a lot as an alternative that didn't have much negative comments and seem to be a little more cost effective but I am not sure if the are sold in Canada yet as their Canadian website is 'coming soon'.
{Still pretty cute - GroVia}

There is also a distributor of cloth diapers here in Winnipeg called AMP Diaper Store that sells a few different styles. Not to mention the wonderful world to second hand via,, etc.

Perhaps you have an opinion that you would like to share?

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