Friday, September 16, 2011


Last night pretty much confirmed that this is in fact a miscarriage. I'm full out bleeding like I was on my period and require a tampon (I hope its okay that I'm using a tampon because everyone online mentions wearing a pad and I don't OWN pads). I still need an ultra sound I guess to determine if its a complete miscarriage though.

I'm surprisingly handling it really well, I guess it was so early that I had yet to be attached to the idea and had prepared myself for the possibility of loss. Aside from my sleepless night on Tuesday where I still clung to the hope that it was just an abnormally large "spotting" incident I am actually okay with it all. No urge to cry, no depression.

Is it weird that I almost feel guilty that I'm NOT that upset? If anything I feel like I should apologize to my in laws that they aren't going to be grandparents yet! Even though I know its not my fault....

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