Saturday, February 18, 2012

Changing how I eat...

I'm sure I mentioned before that I need to lose weight but that isn't the only issue I have with my diet right now. For the last few months I have suffered off and on from uncomfortable heartburn, bloating and intestine issues. I had assumed that it had to do with my hormones being out of whack from the miscarriage but when I had my blood work done at the end of December, when I was given the Provera, I was told that my levels looked normal. Granted I still don't have my period so maybe there is something going on there but I think it has a lot to do with what I'm eating.

Although I don't eat terribly when I make meals, the fact that I RARELY make proper meals lately can't be helping my body. It isn't an excuse but I have been very busy with work and other commitments that I have been eating too much processed food and too irregularly.

After New Years my coworker and her husband decided to start the 17 Day Diet program, she has lost almost 30lbs already! I bought the book and attempted to do it with her but fell off the wagon after a week. It was too restrictive.

What I need is a diet change that reflects 'Clean Eating' not for weight loss but so that I'm no longer in discomfort. I was talking to D on our way up to The Pas yesterday about how the idea of creating a monthly meal plan hasn't worked for us because I'm usually home late and don't want to make dinner. I think what might work is if I make Sunday's my meal prep day for the week where I make all the lunches and dinners a head of time. Of course being in The Pas this weekend makes it hard to start this right away but I'm definitely going to try.

I'm tired of feeling less then perfect.

Any suggestions on how I can make my meals easily a head of time?

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