Sunday, February 19, 2012


Lately when I've come to visit my family in The Pas, D and I spend the majority of our time at their houses and not venturing into town a lot, especially not to socialize.

This time I decided to change that and sent a message to five of the women I went to school with via Facebook, 4 of which live in The Pas and the fifth that was visiting her family as well, to get together over the weekend. Surprisingly, four of them were able to meet up today with me and I had them over for coffee. Considering the fact that I hadn't seen two of them since each of their weddings (which was years ago), it was nice to catch up with everyone.

One down fall in having a reunion like this is that we only had 2 hours together and since we were all 'catching up' we didn't really get to go into depth of anyone lives. Here's hoping that it doesn't take another 5 years to all be in the same room again.

Its been almost 12 years since we graduated from high school (god just writing that makes me feel old!) which has me thinking about our real high school reunion. Our class wasn't extremely close, like my sister's grade 2 years later was, so I am not even sure if they will be interested in having one but if we do I'm curious to see where everyone else is at in their lives by year 15 or maybe 20 out of high school.

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