Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Supplementing your income

Currently I have a career that provides a very good salary, one that I don't need to worry about supplementing with another job. This wasn't always the case. Previously I would work part time at Booster Juice and then I decided to try my hand at home party sales, first with Mary Kay (twice!) which I failed at miserably (twice!) mainly because I didn't believe in the product and couldn't ask for the sale, and then came Norwex. I love the Norwex product so selling it has never been a problem but actually making an effort to have bookings has been. My motivation hasn't been there but I remain a rep.

Now that I begin to plan for the future, which will include Mat Leave and possibly reduced hours at my job to be at home with our children, I am thinking about my options for supplementing my income again. Technically we are lucky that D also makes a very good salary so I don't HAVE to make as much as I do but lets be honest...I like my lifestyle and to keep it I need to continue to bring in a similar flow of money.

Being an accountant I could technically take on contract work for small companies but Norwex is still an option that I am seriously entertaining.

Do you supplement your income or did you just reduce your cost of living?

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  1. I should be supplementing my income. But I don't really have the energy or talent. However my handy dandy husband does. Our income is supplemented generously with his skills in the garage.