Monday, February 20, 2012

Common Ground

I am a chic flick/romantic comedy type of girl where as my husband LOVES a good slasher or gore movie....pretty much polar opposites. There are a few exceptions though that I enjoy watching the same show as him, specifically ones that have good character development and a dramatic plot line.

The tv shows Dexter and The Walking Dead would be ideal examples of shows that should not be the type I would enjoy. Serial killers and zombies tend to inspire fear and anxiety in the viewer but the writers and actors of these shows are incredible. They pull you into the stories, make you empathizes and look past the 'icky' parts.

D has a hard time understanding why I will willing follow these two but REFUSE to watch something like the Human Sentipede (don't get me started - disgusting) but my arguement continues to be that I watch them for the character development and the human story...not the horror. I enjoy seeing the characters thrive and grow DESPITE the crap that occurs.

We just finished watching the most recent episode of The Walking Dead and now I have the impatiently wait until next week to see what happens next. The cliff hanging endings is one this I could do with out, that's for sure!

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