Thursday, February 16, 2012

Going Home

Tomorrow D and I will be making a trip to visit my family since its a long weekend in Manitoba and also Trapper's Festival in The Pas. I'm not sure when I stopped thinking of The Pas as 'home' but over the years when I go back its now to see my family and that's about it.

I love my childhood home and am very happy that my sister and brother-in-law will be purchasing it from my parents, when they move to Cranberry Portage once their cottage is done, so that it 'stays in the family'.

There are a lot great things to do in the surrounding area of The Pas as there are beautiful lakes north of the town, but actually hanging out there isn't something I do much anymore. I visit my family and a few friends, and if we decide to go 'out' it is usually to the local legion for a Meat Draw...ironic since D and I cut meat out of our diet back in July.

I remember in university where I was in 'the city' for university and I would take any opportunity to go 'home'. I suppose its a positive thing that I've carved out a home here now. That I look forward to going home to my husband and our house.

What do you consider home?


  1. I always thought of The Pas as "home", which may explain why I couldn't wait to move back. I love travelling, enjoyed living in Winnipeg but I feel most comfortable at "home" in The Pas. On the other hand, like anything you can get tired of the same old, so I often get the travel bug and spend a fair bit of time away from "home". But no matter where I go, I always want to come home!

  2. You know what they say..."Home is where the heart is!" I'm hearten and a little teary-eyed, that you both hold your home is high esteem. A lot of love and energy went into making it so.

  3. I love that picture of Jasper and you!