Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Tonight I asked D what he thought of putting our future children in private school verses public. Of course when he found out it cost $10,000/year or more he was completely against it, stating that it was a waste of money. I, of course, disagree but don't really feel that its a decision that needs to be done anytime soon.

Some how the conversation turned to adoption, and how if I couldn't have children (my OB-GYN says she expects me to get pregnant easily in the next few months so this isn't an issue yet...) we would adopt. Apparently D extremely disagrees with this idea. He says that if I can't have children we would adjust and live our lives without kids. To me this is the worst idea I've ever heard him have.

In fact I told him that if that day ever came and he refused I would leave and adopt on my own. You would think at this point that he would realize that maybe this is extremely important to me and that he would at least meet my half way by saying that we could discuss this if it ever became an issue but nope he insists that he wouldn't want to raise 'someone else's kid', that he wouldn't be able to bond or something like that.

My agruement is that if he can bond with his stupid cat (okay we have 3 cats, 2 of which were mine and 1 that was his before we got together - he has a ridiculous attachment to his and I kind of hate it because of that...and by hate, I mean I get jealous of a stupid cat on more then one occasion) then I'm sure he could bond with an adopted child. He then says "That's silly he's not human, its not the same thing". Which I agree "HE'S NOT HUMAN" and yet he loves him. At this point I'm ready to cry because I'm so frustrated with him that I tell him I am really mad at him and end the conversation.

I don't think he gets how important this is as he tried to start up another trivial conversation. I'm currently ignoring him.

Now I realize that in all likelihood this will NEVER be a real issue but it still pisses me off that he can be so shallow. I also realize that if it were a real issue he would probably come around once he saw how important it was to me. It doesn't change the fact that I'm currently frustrated.

Men are stupid. Period.


  1. I am not quite sure why you are so pro-private school. I am not against them, however I do think they are a lot of public schools that can provide exceptional educations. Now you may think that I am biased, as I am a public school teacher. But I was also taught in the public school system and I think I had some very knowledgable and engaging teachers, I however was lazy and preoccupied with my social life. I don't think that would have changed had I attended private school. So spending $10 000 a year on education would have been a waste for mom and dad in my opinion. Save that money for their college/university tuition and be an involved parent. I would guess that your child will be just as successful and probably thankful in the long run to not have to pay student loans back for decades to come.

  2. I'm actually not 'pro' private school. Merely I think its a valid option and worth weighing. Where as D completely disgards it. I would have enjoyed private school in High School and I probably would have been able to develop better study habits with the structure. I don't know if its necessary to put our children in during early years but I also think there is some validaty in an all girl evironment to consider.

    I suppose it really depends on what type of public schools are available in our area.